This beautiful old property sits within a conservation area and it was important to retain the character and feel of the property. The front of the property is Georgian with later Victorian additions to the side and rear of the building. To the front of the property, the windows featured a deep external trim which surrounded the upper casement windows and also the lower bay windows.

The door had been replaced at some time with a modern equivalent and had lost its Georgian features in the process. It was important that we retain the detail shown on the current windows. Detailed surveys and small cross sections of the existing trims were taken and working in conjunction with a local craftsman, new tooling was manufactured to cut the shape of the trims accurately. The trims were very distinct and had to be replicated exactly. When the time came to replace the windows and fit the new external trims, our client was thrilled with the final result which we think you’ll agree compliments the house beautifully.