Spitfire S-700 External Pivot Doors

Our Spitfire S-700 External Pivot doors are perfect for creating a truly grand entrance in your home, with one single door of up to two metres wide by up to three metres high being possible.

The Spitfire S-700 External Pivot Doors are a type of high-end entrance door system designed and manufactured by Spitfire Doors, a UK-based company specialising in luxury doors. The S-700 series is known for its unique pivot operation and modern design, offering a striking and innovative entrance solution.

The Spitfire S-700 External Pivot Doors have arrived in all it’s beautiful, designer glory. For a truly grand entrance with 30 designs to choose from and powder coated to avoid future maintenance, you could choose a high gloss finish in a wealth of colours, with subtle LED lighting on the door closing edge – or opt for external faces in stone, tiles, wood or glass to bring your ideas to life.

Incredibly strong and secure, the doors feature a recessed door closer to ensure the door closes softly. Once closed, the door is automatically locked. These wonderful designs allow your imagination full reign and are a perfect complement to support your architects designs – bringing your dreams into reality. Experience unmatched luxury with Spitfire S-700 External Pivot Doors today.

spitfire s-700 pivot doors

Key Features:

  • Choose from 30 customisable designs or design your own bespoke door
  • Every door is supplied with a Safety cylinder and 5 door keys 
  • Automatic Slam Shut GU Locking System
  • A drop down weatherseal is located in the door threshold 
  • Achieves a low U-Value of 0.9 Wm²K
  • An attractive Silver plate handle inside
  • Doors range from 1400mm to 2000mm wide and from 2000mm to 3000mm high
  • The door sash is a substantial 113mm thick, resulting in a sturdy and secure front door


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