Steel Look Bi Folding Doors in Penistone

Mirroring the sleek lines and minimalist design of the Steel Look French Doors, our Steel Look Bi Folding Doors in Penistone offer the final link in the chain to match the suite of Art Deco, Steel Look designs which are transforming the glazing market today.

Steel look bi folding doors made from aluminum are a popular choice for those seeking the aesthetic appeal of steel-framed doors without the associated weight and maintenance concerns.

Enabling new openings to retain the traditional feel of the Art Deco Steel Look with slender sight lines, and narrow butt hinges, these minimalist designs complete the beautiful design choices available for both modern and heritage homes.

Opening up your home to the garden and creating a design statement at the same time is no mean feat, but one provided effortlessly with these Steel Look Bi Folding doors.  Elevate your space with our exquisite steel look bi folding doors in Penistone , marrying the allure of steel aesthetics with the resilience of aluminum for a seamless blend of style and strength.

Key Features:


  • Slim outer frames and opening door sashes recreate the steel look doors of the 1920’s – 1930’s
  • Slim and equal glass sightlines maximise your glass area and provide symmetry and balance
  • Designed to retain heat in your home despite the narrow frame construction
  • 33 or 47mm face width ensures your window frames are sleek and narrow as expected
  • Thermally broken (that’s a good thing) frame system reduces heat loss through the Aluminium
  • Available in a range of RAL colours with Black and White being the favourites for older properties
  • Options for beautiful Art Deco furniture to retain the character of your frames
  • Dual colour choices offer different internal and external colourways.


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